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Best Scuba Diving Spots In The World

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Once you've become a certified scuba diver, you'll want to visit one of the best scuba diving spots in the world. Travel to these unbelievable ocean escapes to see wrecked ships, go into deep caves or view vast coral reefs. Whatever adventure you are looking for, you will find them in these hot spots. Go around the world and see these awesome scuba diving sites in Africa, Egypt and even off an island in Hawaii.

1. The Yongala - Australia. If you love history and shipwrecks, then this is the best scuba diving spot in the world for you. The Yongala was a ship that sank in 1911 in Queensland. It's now a myopia of marine life like manta rays, sea snakes, octopuses, turtles, bull sharks, tiger sharks, and clouds of fish. Diving into the shipwreck however is off limits.

2. Blue Corner Wall - Palau, Micronesia. Wall diving is unique sport of scuba diving to where you use reef hooks to sustain your body to view the marine life around you. Here you will see a plehtora of barracudas, sharks, killer whales and large turtles.

3. Barracuda Point - Sipidan Island. If the idea hundreds of barracudas schooling around you excites you, this is where you need to go. This scuba diving spot is a barracuda haven along with leopard sharks and hammerheads.

4. Thistlethorn - Egyptian Red Sea. A British ship "Thistlethorn" sunk here in 1941. The ship is in great condition for wreck diving as it was filled with a cargo of war supplies: rifles, motor bikes, train carriages and trucks. It will take more than one day to see all the artifacts this sunken vessel has to offer.
5. Shark and Yolanda Reef - Egyptian Red Sea. This spectacular scuba diving spot offers three unique visuals. First a huge numbers of anemone; a shark reef, and finally the shipwreck "Yolanda."

6. Navy Pier - Western Australia. Considered one of the best shore dives on the planet, you'll find octopus, sting rays, white tip sharks, eels and humpback whales. You don't have to go deep into the ocean to get a great taste of aquatic life.

7. Manta Ray Night Dive - Kailua Kona, Hawaii. An unusual diving spot as underwater lights are placed on the ocean floor. At night the lights attract plankton which in turn attract manta rays.

8. Big Brother - Egyptian Red Sea. In this scuba diving spot, you'll find shipwreck the "Italian Aida II." This is considered a world class dive so you'll need insurance, logged 50 dives, and to own a surface marker buoy and a torch.
9. Great Blue Hole - Belize. This beautiful spot for divers is a ring of coral reef that surrounds a round hole. Inside you'll find sharks swimming along with colorful tropical fish.

10. Richelieu Rock - Thailand. Here you'll see barracudas, batfish and mantas, but that's not the main attraction. This is the best place to see whale sharks.

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