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Why Wreck Diving Is The Best

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Have you ever dreamed of floating silently through the oceans depths, exploring wrecks and maybe even discovering lost artifacts?

The ocean is a mighty beast and she has swallowed many unsuspecting ships and downed aircraft over the years.

There are many reasons that hobby divers take up this adventurous sport:

* wreck diving presents an exciting new challenge for even the most experienced diver. It is an opportunity to test your skills and expand your knowledge of diving.
* Many of the wrecks become artificial reefs and attract an abundance of sea creatures. You may see; crabs,lobsters,eels,beautiful reef fish.
* Many ship enthusiasts enjoy wreck diving because it gives them a chance to see some of the working machinery that would otherwise be out of view from the surface.
* People wreck dive because of the exciting and tragic historical interest surrounding many of the wrecks.

There are many organizations that offer training for new comers to wreck diving. SDI and PADI both offer such training.

It is always advisable to join a organized group excursion to some of thee dive sites as wreck diving carries slightly more risk than regular diving. Many of the wrecks are fragile and are covered in silt. If silt becomes disturbed due to fin strokes or other disturbances the, silt cloud created can cause zero visibility. This is where a lifeline comes in handy if you are planning on penetrating a wreck as it will guide you out when visibility is low.

As with all dives, it should be planned, you should always dive with a buddy and make others aware exactly where you plan to dive.

If you follow you training then wreck diving can be a fantastic experience.

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Kathy Dowsett
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